Game Development Portfolio

Hello and welcome. My name is Dashiel Nemeth and Iím a professional game developer, recently of EA Mythic (formerly Mythic Entertainment) in Fairfax, Virginia. I worked there from the spring of 2004 until the late fall of 2007 in various capacities, on both the Imperator and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning projects, and I am currently seeking out a new team to join, and new challenges to meet and overcome.

When I first arrived at Mythic, I took on the role of an environment artist, but my education and initiative allowed me to transition quickly and easily into a design position when the Imperator project was shut down, shortly after I came on board. My primary role was as a systems designer, developing combat, advancement, and other mechanics for Warhammer Online, and I shifted around to perform more specialized design tasks later in development.

In each of my roles and responsibilities at Mythic, my enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for games served me well. Iíve been playing online games since the days of the BBS based MUDs, and since the beginning Iíve felt strongly that developing them was something I wanted to do. It is that passion that led me to my education in Game Design, and my education that opened the door for me to work in a field I truly love.

My specialty is systems design, and thus tends to be verbose where it isnít proprietary, so you wonít find much in that way here. What you will find however is examples of my work as an artist, and a level designer, and links to some of the projects that I worked on prior to joining EA Mythic. I love all aspects of game making, and I hope the material here will give you some insight into the breadth of my abilities, and the depth of my passion.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!